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When the liver fails


09.07.2018  Dr. med. habil. Jan Stange talks about the liver as an organ and liver support procedures. In the film contribution, the liver dialysis procedure with the Hepalbin-Cluster12 from Albutec GmbH and a mobile dialysis machine will be presented....   read more

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Are drugs the same for every patient?
(Original: Sind Arzneimittel für alle gleich gut?)


Albumin is the main plasma colloid and a transporter for toxins. It is isolated from donors as a physiological volume replacement. Due to the need of sterilization and storage conservatives are needed which are metabolized by the liver. In liver dysfunction, albumin administration is associated with an accumulation of said conservative agents which precipitate hypotension, liver coma and inhibit detoxification and cell respiration. Also, they do inhibit albumins binding and transport capacity for toxins. ...

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