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The intended use of the Hepalbin®-Cluster12 is the removal of undesired and potentially toxic substances from fluids for pharmaceutical or medical use, as for instance albumin solutions for intravenous use or for use as a dialysis solution.

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The Hepalbin-Adsorbent enables the bed-side removal of unwanted contaminations of human albumin solutions with caprylate and acetyltryptophanate and provides thereby a product, which resolves the conflict between the need for stabilizers during production and storage and the desire for clean albumin with available binding sites after infusion or for albumin dialysis into liver disease patients.

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Particle Filter

The Hepalbin-Adsorbent is always to be used in combination with this filter behind. This particular filter is manufactured for Albutec in order to meet the demand for bed-side flexibility and for retention of particles, bacteria and fungi.

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Y Connector

Depending on the volume of human albumin 20% solution to be filtered (100-800 ml), up to 6 Hepalbin-Adsorbents can be used in one application. If 6 Hepalbin-Adsorbents are required (for instance to purify 800 ml of albumin), two rows of 3 Hepalbin-Adsorbents should be used in parallel, using a Y connector, in order to maintain the pressure within the acceptable range of a standard infusion pump.

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Transfer Line Set

The TransferLine-Set simplifies the administration of more than one bottle of Albumin during the Hepalbin application.

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The clamp is coated to secure a single Hepalbin-Adsorbent firmly during preparation (filling, rinsing) to the infusion stand or to secure a so called cluster of Hepalbin-Adsorbents to the infusion bottle holder.

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