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Y Connector




Depending on the volume of human albumin 20% solution to be filtered (100-800 ml), up to 6 Hepalbin-Adsorbents can be used in one application. If 6 Hepalbin-Adsorbents are required (for instance to purify 800 ml of albumin), two rows of 3 Hepalbin-Adsorbents should be used in parallel, using a Y connector, in order to maintain the pressure within the acceptable range of a standard infusion pump (see Support: manual or product information, Figure C).


Both arms are sufficiently long and provide male Luer-Lock connectors.  

Two Y connectors are delivered with a Hepalbin-Adsorbent unit at 20.

In addition the Y connector can be ordered individually.


For further information see product information and manual (Support).

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