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Biomedizinisches Forschungszentrum Rostock
Albutec GmbH was founded in 2004 by three associates. Albutec is a research and development company with 6 permanent and 1 part-time employees.
Our company is based in the Hanseatic city of Rostock at the Biomedical Research Center.

Albutec developed the Hepalbin®-Adsorbent, which can easily remove unwanted stabilizers from human albumin solutions in order to enhance albumin binding capacity significantly.

According to the literature this is associated with a survival benefit for liver patients.

The nano structured Hepalbin®-Adsorbent can be used for a bed-side removal of contaminations or to prepare large albumin pools for albumin dialysis, e.g. MARS.

The new CE certified infusion device bears the world wide first technology for applying human albumin solutions without caprylate and acetyltryptophanate, which is most important for patients with liver failure.

Albutec is DIN EN ISO 13485 certified. It has authorisation for wholesale trade in medicinal products in accordance with § 52 AMG (German Medicines Act).
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Albutec GmbH
Phone: +49-381-12165871
Fax: +49-381-12165877
Email: info@albutec.de


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Albutec GmbH • Schillingallee 68 • 18057 Rostock • Germany     Phone: +49-381-12165871  •  Fax: +49-381-12165877